Teresa May’s Party

Britain voted to leave the EU and Teresa May found herself in the role as unelected Prime Minister after David Cameron did the decent thing and resigned after his defeat in the referendum.

It is the duty of the UK and it’s politicians to adhere to the will of the people and let the Brexit happen. Politicians and other party poopers from other parties are not giving the support to enable the will of the people be recognised. Nicola Sturgeon the leader of the Scottish Nationlist Party was recently slagging off Teresa May for being an unelected prom queen. So why is she against putting the choice to the people? Hey Sturgeon, it’s not nice being a party pooper!

This prime minister likes to throw a surprise party for us. Thought she was cautious? Cue this snap election. Thought she would just be boring old Cameron continuity? Oh no: austerity slowed, the ban on grammar schools lifted. A reassuring remainer to handle Brexit? Nope. She’s become a full-throttle Brexiteer and setting the party on fire

In June, the PMs power will most probably be strengthened. Discreet and surprising, the prime minister’s final destination on Brexit and domestic reform is uncertain for the UK and Europe. But it is likely that the composition of the future Conservative party in the House of Commons will have a big auld party and push her to expose her own stuff, phwar more liberal conservative positioning.


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